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oo te deh… (at Lotte Shopping Avenue)

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Feel the sun and sand 👙👣

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Pintu Seribu Semarang #throwback (at Lawang Sewu)

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Ketika matahari akan terbenam.. (at Pantai Karnaval Ancol)

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Ok, fine.. Challenge accepted! I was tagged by these beautiful girls @kennimvk @darafika @mariagreciaa & @poppypatriciaa, to do the same thing like them. So, here is #20facstaboutme

1. My name is Maria Veronica Catherina Aprillya Sugiyatno (I know what are you thinking about, “buset panjang aja”) You can call me Maria, Ria or Vero. As long as that’s still my name but.. its okay sometimes to call me Selena (hi! MyTwins @selenagomez)
2. I had Braces. I was the typhical braces face with the glasses (sometimes I wear softlens too, utk menunjang penampilan ajasih #halah! )
3. Craved sushi, chocolate, and burger.
4. Nasi goreng, nasi uduk dan nasi kuning are my favorite Indonesian food.
5. I was born in Semarang, 18th of April 1993. (Cuma numpang lahir di semarang-,-)
6. My Baptism name is Maria Veronica (and my Charismatic name is Catherina, so my real name is only Aprillya Sugiyatno wkwk. Don’t laugh!)
7. I like something that’s challenging my adrenaline. (Yihaaaa 💪👊💦🔥)
8. Student at The London School of Public Relations - Jakarta. Batch 16.
9. A is my blood type.
10. I’m the type of girl who is not easy to fallin’ in love. But when it comes to love, I love hard ❤️❤️
11. I love travelling. Like a lot.
12. I love to read. My favorite books is Harry Potter the series & Trilogy of Fifty Shades of Grey —> for this one, trust me.. I’m not kinky fuckery lol
13. All I wanna do is being able to see milky way in the sky! (In case you didn’t know, you can google it rite now😛)
14. I love listening to the music and sometimes singing at the same time. (Trust me, I’m bathroom-singer)
15. I am the girl that get bored very easily
16. I am a big fan of Disney. (No matter how old I am)
17. I hate high heels. Its better to me to wear wedges or flatshoes rather than heels (its sounds like hell to me)
18. Red, Mintgreen and White are my favorite colors.
19. Allergic of dust
20. Soon-to-be Traveller.

For the people I have been tagged, its your turn now to do this challenge. Just for fun! 😘😊

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MOTHER is a beautiful gift from God, because in this selfish world, she is the only one who always want to see you happy. Happy Birthday, Mama! ❤️🎂☀️

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Mataharinya memang nggak keliatan.. Soalnya udah ada 2, tuh yg lagi pada di depan ☀️☀️ (at Pantai Pasir Perawan - Pulau Pari)

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Who’s ready to go back to the beach!? – View on Path.

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Lets go to beach! (at Pantai Pasir Perawan - Pulau Pari)